Mother of the World




I’m about to embark on a brief tale of assignation title and promptly stripped title. The title:

“Mother of the World” as in – “you’re not the Mother of the World” spoken by a non female and it wasn’t my son bolting by too much of my motherly command in a fit of rebellion.

Said title given and taken away by a VP of HR for a corporation with no hint of regret for the slip of the tongue so to speak. Yes, a leader of something said this to me.

Men just can’t be women, and therefore can’t claim the title of “Mother of the World”.

It’s meant for those brave women who walk with care and confidence, who speak their minds, who take action when things aren’t right, those women who walk their talk, those who aren’t “yes men”.

So, from one “Mother of the World” to another, “Whose your Daddy now?”



words are pretty, and…


words mean something.

in the world of advertising, it’s all about getting attention for the client – everyone knows this is true, even children.

a word given, is a word given, it’s a code of honor.

in a world full of words, we birth ideas and lace them with promises and we can kill spirits with pretty words that are empty and mean nothing.

if you want to get a rise, use a word. if you mean what you say, people will notice. if you don’t mean what you say, people will notice. if you say nothing, people will notice. some will go away, some won’t be listening. a few will set about making sure your walk matches your talk and you are exposed.

good things happen to people who live by their words, and they are born.

and, that’s my word on words.

The fast, hard rules of the game of the banana peel – walkthetalkordieeverytime


Sometimes the business community can be so smug. Emails are not returned, service line leaders ignore colleagues trying to work with them, there seems to be an excuse for rudeness in business that says “Customer service and relationships are bought, not earned, and if you aren’t willing to play by my rules, I’ll find some other schmuck who will and as a matter of fact if you don’t play my way, you’re out the door”

Every business person is an expert today. With Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, media companies, businesses and advertising agencies are struggling to keep business because anyone can become a social media advertising expert with today’s technology and training.

The last thing any person or business really needs is a smug leader. If you’re smug, you attract smug candidates that turn into loyal frightened smug workers, those automatons. Then you begin to lose business. The shiny words don’t matter after awhile. Only actions show smugness and if your shiny new words don’t match your actions, your insides will be revealed and away like a banana peel, and all of a sudden you are vulnerable and you will lose everytime!

The Art of Listening

Without truly listening to the people that we engage with on a daily basis, we obviously don’t have our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in our environment.

I’m not talking about pretending to listen or being a counselor to others. 

I’m talking about asking the right questions that are pertinent to information gathering in order to assess and come up with a solution to any issue one may have whether on the home front or at work, then actively listening for the answers, followed by effective action.

The problem stated is the problem solved.

Some call this Insight to Action.

After listening and thinking about it, I’d say that’s Spot On.

Until next time,


 Spot On - photo by Jackie Van Over

SEO for Talent Acquisition

I am taking a course at UTD this semester from Professor Nico Martini about Digital Marketing, Media and Technology, and SEO is part of what we have been learning in the past 2 weeks.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is an Art form.  And, it is time consuming.

One of the resources we have been given to study is

For this class we are setting up the SEO in line with our Digital Marketing Plan for our client (I am my own client this semester in the form of my company IT Alliance Partners LLC) and my Digital Marketing Plan is due at the end of this semester, the first week in May!

I’ve been doing some marketing for my Management Consulting firm IT Alliance Partners LLC, and I hope to able to utilize some of the techniques I have learned from Nico this semester.  Ideally, I would like to be able to create long tail search strings so that I can come up at the top of the search engine for Talent Acquisition, so I can create interest and exposure and develop new client relationships.

I read an article about 10 years ago about the company called Celestial Seasonings hiring a creative firm to help them with their branding, marketing and sales and at that time this company that I can’t remember the name of, were considered one of the best companies to work with in a creative sense.  They would fly their clients into their location in Seattle, Washington, and lock themselves in a room with the executives and creative people in order to brainstorm for 1 month to come up with the branding of companies and the end result is the plan they followed for their client company for their media, branding and marketing.

It’s been a dream of mine to pull together creative teams to fulfill this type of creative management consulting that would include the marketing, branding, photography, and the media outlets that a company would need to embrace, use and strategically set in motion in order to create and maintain the image they want others to see.

Maybe this course is the beginning of something new for me in this space!

Until next time,


Matching Nirvana

Nirvana means Happiness in the Buddhist traditional sense of the word.

We see and feel Nirvana, Happiness and the idea of it smashed together when we believe we are attaining our goals, when we hit the target, the bullseye.

In the Talent Acquisition world, the ultimate goal is to make the most perfect match, the bringing together of one entity with another in order to form the most perfect union. 

The placement. The perfect match.

Bringing the energies and the body of work of a candidate into the culture and expectation of a client is a semblance of matching nirvana.


In my work, I am happiest when I make this match, when I know I’ve found, cultivated and brought the most perfect candidate that will and does fulfill the  expectation and is placed into the open arms of the client. 

I call this Matching Nirvana!

Until next time,


Matching Nirvana – photo by Jackie Van Over – 33011

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